Monday, February 25, 2019

Spaceheadz Series by John Scieszka

When Michael K. moves to a new town he never expected to meet three real live aliens disguised as a class hamster and students. The aliens are on a mission to collect 3.14 million and one braincells by getting kids to pledge to be Spaceheadz or else Earth gets turned off (whatever that means). They aren't like stereotypical aliens--they talk like T.V. commercials, eat pencils and travel on channels instead of spaceships. In a cheesy commercial, Bob and Jennifer (aka the aliens) saw Michael K. saying he could do anything and they believe he is the only one who can save Earth.

This is another really great series by John Scieszka, featuring a total of 4 books. I loved the crazy adventures that had all sorts of plot twist in them. It is crazy how, even though he believes in the aliens, Michael K. has a hard time getting anybody else to believe it too. I liked all the different views of the story and thought it made the book even more hilarious knowing what everybody was doing and how it effected the events.

You can even become a Spaceheadz yourself at their website.