Sunday, November 18, 2018

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Any Fin Is Possible by Mo O’Hara

Tom and Pradeep are back in the fourth book of the series and they brought Frankie, their zombie goldfish, with them!

In the first story, during a lock in at the museum the boys learn about the ancient Egyptian Curse of Cat King. Later, they see a cat shaped shadow dragging wraps and they think the Cat King has been awakened.

In the second story, on sports day, all the competition starts losing their sportiness. When Tom's evil scientist older brother, Mark, shows up and starts winning events without any competition, Tom, Pradeep ,and a new friend have to stop Mark before he accomplishes whatever evil plot he has in store.

I really like this series! I love all the different stories and evil plans. It's awesome how Frankie can hypnotize people to make them do what he wants. I find it funny that, even though he is dead, he can't stay out of water for long. I can't wait to read all of the fishy plots in the series.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Radio Fifth Grade by Gordon Korman

Benjy Driver and his friends host a radio show every Saturday and it's lots of fun.

But, when his teacher wins the lottery and vacations to Hawaii, their class is stuck with a new teacher. Her name is Ms. Panagopoulos and she is convinced that the class is a seminar. She gives them so much homework that Benjy doesn't have time to work on the show. He finally comes up with a plan to get his work done and work on his show at the same time. But when a bully wants to read a story about homicidal kittens and a rogue parrot trashes the studio, Benjy just might give in to his worst fear--dead air.

I really liked this book.  I loved how the bully was the one who wrote and recited stories about kittens on the radio. It was funny how every time Benjy had a problem, he had to go to his baby sister for help. I also found it hilarious how he treated his idol Eldridge Kestenbaum like a God.

This is one of my favorite Gordon Korman stand alones novels

Monday, November 12, 2018

King of the Bench: No Fear! by Steve Moore

This book is about a kid named Steve who loves sports. When he was little he played youth sports. The kind where everyone makes the team and gets to play.

But now he is in middle school where you either make the team or you fail and are humiliated for life. During tryouts, Steve witnesses one of the other kids get nailed in the face and carted off to the hospital. He makes the team by the skin of his teeth and thinks that everything is going to be fine and dandy. But when he goes up to the plate to bat and jumps and cowers away from the ball, he realizes what is wrong. He has developed Bean-O-Phobia,  the fear of getting hit by a baseball!  How will Steve overcome his fear?

Besides the funny story, I also liked all of Steve's crazy pets. There's Fido the Boa Constrictor, Frenchy the demented poodle, Cleo the duck that acts like a dog, and Zoner the fish that sleeps belly up. His friends were also very unique. There's his friend Joey, who is really small but can run real fast, and Carlos, Steve's big boned friend who thinks he is the best at sports.  I can't wait to read the other two books in this series.