Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lawnboy by Gary Paulsen

Lawnboy is about a boy who, for his 12th birthday, gets his grandpa's old riding lawnmower from his grandma.  At first, he thinks it is just a piece of junk, but once he gets the hang of it, he loves it.  Soon he finds out that everybody wants their lawns mowed and will pay good money for it. Apparently, the last lawn crew everyone had, the one worker ran away with someone else's wife!  They stopped using that crew because they were worried.  Soon, he meets a guy named Arnold who is a stockbroker.  He makes a deal with Arnold that if he mows Arnold's lawn, Arnold will get him something in return.  Arnold gives him some business tips and his business grows really fast!  What will happen to his business?

I really liked how the boy starts his business in only a few days and he gets a business partner and stock.  I think it's really cool that the boy makes a lot of money mowing lawns, but I want to have a riding lawn mower first.

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