Friday, January 8, 2016

Ungifted by Gordon Korman

Ungifted is about a boy named Donovan who likes to play jokes.  One day, he is outside messing with a giant globe statue on top of a hill.  He accidentally pushes it off and it starts rolling.  It keeps rolling and finally hits the school.  He goes to see the superintendent for his punishment, but the superintendent just writes down his name and tells him he'll tell him the punishment later.  Instead of receiving a punishment, Donovan gets sent to a school for gifted and talented kids. On his first day, his teacher realizes that Donovan isn't very good at any of the subjects.  The rest of the kids all love him and think he'd be awesome in their robot competition.  Donovan has a lot of ideas that none of the other students could come up with.  He uses the new school as a cover so he won't get into even more trouble.  What will happen if Donovan gets caught?

I really liked this book because how Donovan manages to not get in trouble and no one figures out that he doesn't belong in the special school.  It was funny that the kids in the gifted program could design the robots but couldn't think of the simple things like naming the robot.  My favorite part of the robot is how the class robot has a small robot as a part of him.

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