Thursday, November 15, 2018

Radio Fifth Grade by Gordon Korman

Benjy Driver and his friends host a radio show every Saturday and it's lots of fun.

But, when his teacher wins the lottery and vacations to Hawaii, their class is stuck with a new teacher. Her name is Ms. Panagopoulos and she is convinced that the class is a seminar. She gives them so much homework that Benjy doesn't have time to work on the show. He finally comes up with a plan to get his work done and work on his show at the same time. But when a bully wants to read a story about homicidal kittens and a rogue parrot trashes the studio, Benjy just might give in to his worst fear--dead air.

I really liked this book.  I loved how the bully was the one who wrote and recited stories about kittens on the radio. It was funny how every time Benjy had a problem, he had to go to his baby sister for help. I also found it hilarious how he treated his idol Eldridge Kestenbaum like a God.

This is one of my favorite Gordon Korman stand alones novels

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