Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stick Dog by Tom Watson

Stick Dog is a story that is made up by a kid who isn't very good at drawing.  He always draws stick figures, so when his teacher asks him to draw a dog, he draws Stick Dog.  In creative writing class, he is told to write a story, so he decides to write a story about Stick Dog.  In this story, Stick Dog and his friends are trying to steal some hamburgers, but some things get in their way--a family, squirrels, and lots more.

I like this book because I like that the dog is always searching for something to eat.  In this book, it is a hamburger, but in the other Stick Dog books, it is different foods.  I also like that the book is about dogs instead of humans and that the dogs talk.  My favorite part of the book is Poo-Poo gets lowered down on a rope to try and get the hamburgers.

Check out the Stick Dog website for lots of cool Stick Dog stuff.

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