Friday, October 6, 2017

Hamstersaurus Rex by Tom O'Donnell

At the start of the school year, Sam Gibbs' sixth grade class mysteriously acquires a hamster.  Having a class pet will be fun, won't it?  When the hamster begins to growl, Sam decides the perfect name for the hamster is "Hamstersaurus Rex"!  Everyone is extremely psyched about their new furry friend, but not even 10 minutes into class, Hamstersaurus Rex escapes.  Sam and his best friend Dylan are determined to find him before the school bully does first.  But when the hamster gets into the Dino-Blast Power-Packer Ultimate Muscle Mix, that's when Hamstersaurus Rex begins to change and the real adventure begins.
I really loved this book!  I thought it was adorable because, after he ate the muscle mix, Hamstersaurus Rex turned into his own breed of tiny dinosaur.  For a small guy, he could roar really loudly and he could eat over 100 times his own weight!  Although there weren't a ton of pictures, the ones in the book really helped tell the story and added to the humor.  My favorite picture was when the illustrator compared the main character's hair to a narwhal or a sad unicorn.

I discovered that this is the first book in a series.  The second one is out already and the third comes out in January.  I can't wait to read both of those.

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