Friday, October 20, 2017

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

The Cay by Theodore Taylor is the second book I read for literature this school year.

With war raging around him, including the seas, Philip and his mother race to escape their island home and head back to the United States.  When the boat carrying them to safety is hit by a torpedo, his whole world changes.  With only Timothy, an elderly African sailor, and Stewcat, the cook's pet cat, as his companions, Philip must learn how to survive on a deserted island while he hopes for a chance of rescue.

While I was assigned The Cay to read as a school novel, I really enjoyed it.  I'm looking forward to reading the sequel which tells Timothy's backstory and Philip's future.  Even though it is a single book, each chapter felt like its own individual story and helped add on to the big picture.  Philip's island adventure felt like it could have really happened and it was interesting to see how his relationship with Timothy changed over the story.  I also liked how Stewcat was always there when Philip needed him, like he was Philip's loyal pet.

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