Monday, January 15, 2018

The Amber Amulet by Craig Silvey

I received a copy of The Amber Amulet from Sky Pony Press to review on my blog. I want to thank Sky Pony Press for all the cool books they have sent me.

This book is about a boy named Liam McKenzie who, at ten years old, protects his neighborhood under the cover of darkness as the Masked Avenger. After years of research, he has discovered that different rocks could grant someone superhuman powers. But when he senses a sadness in civilian, he steals his mother's amber amulet.  Amber is known to protect the bearer from sadness and Liam gives it to the strange woman. By trying to do right, he makes more wrongs. How will he make things right and learn the true meaning of being a hero?

This was a shorter read that I think would be good for beginner readers. It was a fun book with a good message. I liked how Liam always tried to do the right thing, even if he did something wrong by accident. I think this book can inspire kids to help others because they want to ,not because they have to.

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