Monday, December 18, 2017

Detectives In Togas by Henry Winterfeld

Detectives in Togas is the third book I read for literature in school this year.

This book is about the boys of the Xanthos School. When the words "Cauis is a dumbell" appear on the wall of a sacred temple, Rufus, one of the boys, imemediately gets falsely accused for defacing the temple. The reason behind it is that Rufus made fun of Caius the previous day by writing the same words on a tablet in the classroom.

When Rufus goes to jail, with death on the line, the rest of the boys must race to find the real criminal.  But first, they must get past false accusations, life threatening things, and the fact that they are just kids.

I had to read this book for school, but it made the subject very enjoyable. I loved how the mystery kept taking turns that continued to have suspense over what would happen. It was cool how, even though they were just kids, they solved a mystery that would have been hard for a professional to solve. It was fun reading about kids growing up in Roman times, even if it was a fictional story.  I can't wait to read the sequel and see what the boys solve next.

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