Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid by Marcus Emerson

Ben Braver is back for his second year at super hero school. After recently defeating Abigail Cutters, the evil lady who tried to take over the world with clones of people made of dirt, everyone wants him to be the hero of the school. Ben doesn't want to be the hero because, besides the take down of Abigail which was a fluke, he also doesn't have a power. Now mysteries appear and new badges reveal themselves. Everyone looks to Ben to save them once again. Will Ben discover a hidden power   to help fight the brand new villains?

This was actually the second book in the series. I want to read the first one though. The plot though didn't really rely on the first book's plot. I thought all of the different powers were cool but the limitations were funny, like how Noah's fire power was crazy awesome, but it only worked when he ate beef jerky. I loved the classic theme but with a new spin.

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