Thursday, October 31, 2019

Going Wild by Lisa McMann

Charlie Wilde was just a normal kid, until she moved to the boring state of Arizona and found a bracelet that grants her animal themed powers. At first, she thought it was just super cool and kind of scary, but then she finds out that, because of the bracelet, she is being hunted by a secret organization. Now with her new friends' help, she needs to figure out what the bracelet is and how to work it before getting taken out by this mysterious organization.

I originally read this book because I loved McMann's other series, The Unwanteds, and it was also really great. The fact that all of Charlie's powers are just abilities that animals use on a regular basis was a cool concept. I also enjoyed the story outside of when she was experimenting and saving people with her bracelet. I am so excited to see how the series is going to develop.

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