Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor was a Christmas gift from my mom and dad.

Frank Einstein is a kid genius and he is trying to build a robot that can teach himself.  He tries to shock it to life in a lightning storm but it doesn't work.  All of it breaks except for the brain.  Later that night, one of the rocks sparks and lands in the brain. The brain comes to life!  The brain sends a wireless signal to the hands to make a new body.  Once the robot is done, he helps make a bigger robot out of spare parts.  Frank and his friend Watson find the robots and the robots tell them their names are Klink and Klank.  With some help from the robots, Frank and Watson create an antimatter motor and create a flying bike.  They are sure they can win the science fair.  But, the morning of the science fair, they find out that Klink and Klank are gone!  They have to find out who took Klink and Klank and how to save them.

I thought this was a cool robotics book because of how the robot made himself except for the brain.  I think Klank is really funny and Klink is really serious, so they have really funny scenes together.  Kids who like stories with robots and technology might really like this book.  It's really cool how at the end of the book, they try to tell you how to make something and Klank interrupts with a joke.

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