Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lots of Bots by CJ Richards

Lots of Bots is a preview copy from NetGalley!  It is book #2 in the Robots Rule series.

This book is about a kid named George, his droid named Jackbot, and his friend, Anne.  George gets a job at Tinker Tech and, on his first day of apprenticeship, he gets in trouble and is given a job where he can't do any harm.  He gets sent to the Janitor Bot!  He wants to prove himself worthy so he can go back to designing bots, but he has to wait until after the MOD launch.  The MODs turn out to be part of an evil scientist plan to use them as mind control.  George, Anne, and Jackbot set off on their adventure to save everybody from the MOD launch and bring the villain justice!

I really liked this book because of all the cool robots that turned good and bad and good again.  I think it's a pretty good length book for me (I'm 9 years old).  I also like how it is a futuristic story because there are robot cars and robot maids too.  I'd really like to read the first one in the series now.

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