Tuesday, March 31, 2015

House of Robots by James Patterson

House of Robots is about a kid named Sammy who lives in a house full of robots.  One day, his mom makes him take the most-annoying-robot-in-the-world, E, to school with him.  The robot embarrasses himself and Sammy.  Then, E starts a food fight and they get sent to the principal's office.  E is taken home for some minor repairs.  Later, E gets captured!  Sammy and the other robots have to set out to find E and bring him home.

I thought this book was really funny because E was really annoying, but then he and Sammy become friends later in the book.  I also really like all the illustrations and comics because they help me see what the story is trying to tell me.  My favorite robot was Mr. Moppenshine the butler!

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