Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Calendar Mysteries Series {April Reads}

In April, I decided to reread some of my favorite series, including the Calendar Mysteries by Ron Roy.  Rob Roy also writes the A to Z Mysteries.  The Calendar Mysteries are written for younger kids than the A to Z Mysteries.

The Calendar Mysteries are a series of books about four kids named Brian, Bradley, Nate, and Lucy.  In each book, there is a new mystery to solve.  Some of the mysteries are just tricks, but some are not.  In one mystery, their mom turned into a duck!  Or so they thought.  In another, the kids were trying to find out who was eating their strawberries.  In a third, their horse and dog ran away and they had to find them.  And there are nine more mysteries too!

I really like these books because each book is its own single mystery.  You don't have to read them in order.  Sometimes, after one part of the mystery is solved, another one starts.  My favorite mystery was August Acrobat because the kids had to find out who was the awesome acrobat and who was the lousy one.

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