Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spirit Animals: Wild Born by Brandon Mull

Spirit Animals: Wild Born is the first book in the Spirit Animals series.  My mom got it for me on my Kindle.

Spirit Animals is about four kids who summon for fallen warriors to be their spirit animal.  The kids drank a special nectar which gave them the power to summon special animals to help use their power to fight alongside them. The Green Cloaks, the good guys, want to unite the four fallen animals to help destroy the Great Devourer.  The Green Cloaks get three of the four animals, but the enemies get the fourth.  What will happen?

I like this book because the kids have the power to summon the animals and can use their strength and powers.  My favorite spirit animal, so far, is the wolf and I can't wait to see what his powers are going to be.  There are more books in the series and I want to read them!

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