Friday, July 3, 2015

EllRay Jakes is Magic by Sally Warner

EllRay Jakes is Magic is the sixth book in the EllRay Jakes series.

This book is about a boy named EllRay who finds out there is going to be a talent show at his school.  He and the other kids in his class think that they aren't going to well in the talent show.   They decide to pick the worst five acts in the class to make sure no one makes the talent show.  One of these acts is EllRay who decides he is going to do a magic act.  He thinks his tricks are too tiny and he might get booed off the stage.  What will happen to EllRay at the talent show?

I really like this series because in every book, EllRay has a new problem to solve.  In this book, I thought EllRay's problem was really funny when he tried to learn magic tricks.  I think this series should continue!

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