Sunday, July 19, 2015

Zombie Kid Diaries by Fred Perry

The Zombie Kid Diaries is a series of books about a kid named Bill Stokes that turns into a zombie.  My dad ordered these for me while he was deployed and I thought they were really funny.

There are three books in the series so far:

Playing Dead - In the first book, Bill turns into a zombie and is having a hard first couple of days at school.  He makes a new friend and a new enemy.

Grossery Games - In the second book, Bill's mortal enemy makes friends with the vice-principal and gets permission to ask quiz questions to the other kids.  If they get them wrong, they'll have to eat weird foods!

Walking Dad - In the third book, Bill's dad gets out of jail and wants to take Bill away from his mom.  What will happen to Bill and his mom?

I really like these books because they are about a regular kid who turns into a zombie.  Once he's a zombie, his whole life seems to get a lot harder.  I really like zombies and these are funny zombie stories, not the creepy ones.

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