Monday, July 6, 2015

Jedi Academy 3: The Phantom Bully by Jeffrey Brown

The third book in the Jedi Academy series was released on June 30th!  I got it yesterday and I read it all in one night.

This book is about Roan's third year at Jedi Academy where he finally gets good at using the force.   But bad stuff keeps happening at Jedi Academy and everyone is blaming Roan for it.  One of these things is that someone cloned their class pet and released them around the school.  There's also a new kid at school who is good at everything and she seems to fit in better than Roan does.  How does the rest of Roan's third year go?

I really like this book because all of the different things that happen to Roan are funny.  One of my favorite things is that each of the kids get their own personal Jedi master to teach them one-on-one and Roan got a teacher who doesn't think likes him.  I also really like this book because I like Star Wars and some of the characters from the actual Star Wars are a part of it.  It's also a good style of book with a mix of comics and writing.

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