Sunday, December 3, 2017

Slacker by Gordon Korman

When video game expert and everyday slacker, Cameron Boxer, gets so wrapped up in a game, he almost lets his house burn down around him. His parents say he has to join a club after school or he won't get to compete in his dream video game competition, Rule The World.

He and his two best friends make a fake club called the Positive Action Group. Instead of doing good deeds, they slack off and play video games. But when some other people want to join and the guidance counselor wants in on this club, Cameron must turn their slacker club into an active club devoted to helping others.

This book showed me how much a person could change because of one simple thing and illustrated how a middle schooler's life could actually happen. A lot of Gordon Korman's books are about things that could happen in real life to ordinary people. When I read this book, it seemed like I was in the book and I could understand what the main character was going through.  I really enjoy Gordon Korman's different series and this book was a good single story too!

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