Thursday, January 9, 2020

Throwback by Peter Lerangis

Corey Fletcher isn't a normal kid. He imagines things so bizarre that no one else even begins to understand. That's when he finds out that like his ancestors--he can travel through time if he has a piece of metal from the time period he wants to travel to.

When he accidentally changes the past, he turns into the world's first throwback, a time traveler with the ability to change the past. But, when he tries to go back and change a dreadful family horror, he accidentally travels even further back in time and gets stuck. Now he must make his way around and try to find his way back to his own time.

This is the first book of a new trilogy. I love how original the story was. The entire new twist on how time travel works was eye-opening. The different ways time periods interacted was amazing and the characters fit it perfectly.

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