Thursday, January 23, 2020

Archvillain by Barry Lyga

Mighty Mike isn't who everyone thinks he is. But Kyle Camden knows the truth. Kyle is a genius prankster who happened to be in the field the night Mighty Mike the Alien was created. To everyone else, he is a kid with amnesia who happened to get superpowers from the storm that really formed him.

Mike isn't the only one with superpowers though. Kyle also got powers, but decides to use them to save the world from Mighty Mike by exposing him for what he truly is. But, unless he wants to expose himself in the process, he must do his work under the alias, The Azure Avenger.

Archvillain was very interesting in terms of the superhero genre. It showed the opposite end of the story, but from this point of view, it doesn't seem as sinister because the villain thinks that he is the good guy saving everyone from the "hero."  This is the first book of the series in which there are three so far. I can't wait to read and write about the rest of the books.

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