Thursday, January 16, 2020

Minion by John David Anderson

Michael Morn was an orphan for most of his life, until he is adopted by his new father. He isn't sure why but, while he was growing up, he discovered that he had a special ability. If he wanted to, he could convince someone to do or think anything he wanted. So when his adopted father wanted him to use his ability to commit some crimes, he didn't argue because he was so happy just to be wanted by someone.

It isn't just him though--his father makes little boxes that has technology capable of amazing feats. When Fat Tony, the local gang leader, finds out about Michael's power, he drags Michael unwillingly into a war with a super villain. Will Michael be able to stop the villain and what connection does his power have to his past?

This is a companion book to Sidekicked. This book shows how good people can do bad things just for approval. Michael had lots of power, but as he matured only, he only used it when necessary, yet when he was younger, he used it for approval from the other kids.

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