Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stanley in Space (Flat Stanley) by Jeff Brown

Stanley in Space is about when the President tell the Lambchops to go to space to visit the planet Tyraa.

When they visit Tyraa, the Tyraans say through the controls that their rocket ship is under their forcefield.  Next, they send out one of the Tyraans so that he could tell the Lambchops about the Tyraan life.  When Mrs. Lambchop reached down to wipe the Tyraan, the Tyraan used his club and hit her in the foot.

Then, the Tyraan President came along with a few other buddies and showed them around the city.  Last, they weigh the Tyraans to see how much they weigh together so they can fit them on the rocket ship.  In the end, the Lambchops and the Tyraans go back to earth.  The Tyraans get  a surprise!

**** out of 5 stars!

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