Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Grandma's a Ninja by Todd Tarpley

My Grandma's a Ninja is another NetGalley review!  It is a picture book, not a chapter book, but I thought it looked kind of cool and I wanted to read it.

My Grandma's a Ninja is about a kid whose grandma is a ninja.  His grandma ziplines him to school and teaches him karate moves.  But when he is a soccer practice, she deflates the ball and they can't play soccer.  All of his friends don't like his grandma anymore.  He asks his grandma to stop being a ninja, but something special happens at the big soccer game.

This book would be great for kids to read because it was easy to read and it had a funny story.  I think it was a cool idea that the grandma was a ninja and could do all those tricks with ziplines and karate.  I also thought the end was really funny and I didn't guess that it would happen.

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