Saturday, February 7, 2015

Undead Pets by Sam Hay

Undead Pets is a series about a boy named Joe who gets a scary Egyptian amulet and makes a wish that he can have a pet.  His wish comes true and he is now the protector of the undead pets!  Joe now has to help the pets so that they can pass over to the afterlife.

Return of the Hungry Hamster - Joe needs to help a hamster make sure that his kid isn't lonely without him.

Revenge of the Phantom Furball - Joe helps a cat teach a dog a lesson to protect her sister-cat from being run over by a car.

Night of the Howling Hound - Joe has to help a dog show his owner that it wasn't his owner's fault the dog chased a squirrel off a cliff.

Goldfish from Beyond the Grave - Joe must help a fish find out who flushed him down the toilet.

Rise of the Zombie Rabbit - Joe helps a rabbit help her former owner so she doesn't get into trouble for losing a necklace.

The Undead Pets website has games, activities, and a trailer you can watch!

I really like this series and can't wait to read the last three.  They are creepy in a cool sort of way, because all the pets are only sort of alive and sort of dead, but they're still funny!

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