Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stuart Little by E.B. White

Stuart Little is the second book I read for my 4th Grade Literature study.

Stuart Little is about a mouse who is born to a human family.  When he gets older, he meets a friend named Margalo who is a bird.  Margalo and Stuart become really good friends.  One time, Margalo even saves Stuart from being towed away in a garbage boat.

One day, Snowbell the cat thinks of a plan to kill Margalo, so Margalo runs away.  Stuart is sad that Margalo ran away, so he goes after her.  A nice man he met during a boat race lends him a car to go after Margalo.  He meets many nice people and has many great adventures on his journey to find Margalo.

I think this was a nice book because Stuart goes on a journey and gets to do lots of things, not just the the one thing he went on the journey for.

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